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Our fully customizable ergonomic chairs are designed to adjust to your body from the moment you sit down. Whether you're petite, big and tall, or anything in between, we have a solution for you. Get ready to sit in the chair of your dreams!

Ready to experience the LIFEFORM® comfort? Book an in-person or virtual consultation with our ergonomic specialists at the Calgary showroom.

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The LIFEFORM® difference

LIFEFORM® chairs are designed with ergonomic features to provide support and prevent discomfort, which can help prevent back and lower-body pain caused by sitting for extended periods.

Our fully customizable ergonomic chairs are designed to adjust to your body from the moment you sit down. Whether you're petite, big and tall, or anything in between, we have a chair for you.

  • A chair that fully reflects your personal style

    • Customize your chair with colour, materials and details. Make it truly unique by adding your own designs or logos with options like embroidery and embossing, contrast stitching, and piping.
  • See how your chair is made

    • All of our chairs are fully made in Calgary. Our workshop is attached directly to our showroom, which gives you the unique opportunity to tour the workshop and see how your chair will be made.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    • We offer a 10-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our products to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our chairs.
Experience the LIFEFORM® difference

Book an In-Person or Virtual Consultation with a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

During your chair fitting consultation, we take the time to understand your body type, chair usage, and office set-up. Our team works with you to create a chair that fits your lifestyle, personality, and style preferences while also helping prevent pain and discomfort. What exactly is involved? Find out below!

  • We Listen

    • The process begins with you! Your chair fitting consultation starts with a conversation with one of our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists. We ask you questions about your workspace, how you work, if and where you experience pain or discomfort in your body and what you are looking for in a chair. Feel free to bring a photo of your home office for us to review together.
  • We Fit

    • Try out different chair models to find the chair that supports your body the best. All of our components are interchangeable, so our Specialists work with you to find the pieces that are the best for you. Then we put it all together to build a chair made exactly for you! Think of it like buying a pair of shoes—you wouldn’t just wear a pair all day, every day, year after year without knowing your size or trying them on. Shoes that aren’t the right size can cause discomfort and even pain—a chair is no different. Let’s get you fitted!
  • You Customise

    • Dial-in the comfort based on your body type and physical demands. Once you select your chair model, evaluate the ergonomic enhancements available to you. Our Specialists guide you through the process, so you know options you may want to consider.
  • You Personalise

    • Design the chair of your dreams! Mix and match your materials, colours and detailing to create that truly one-of-a-kind office chair for your space. We’ll walk you through all the options available so you can add your own personal touch!
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Wendy worked closely with the LIFEFORM® team to help her colleagues get the best comfort and support through her organization’s ergonomic program. The chairs were so successful that many of her co-workers purchased secondary chairs for use at home.

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